I guess I have to move to the Eastside of LA now?; 11.7.18

Well, we survived Election Day 2018. Some races went our way (the “our way” of this blog being “the way of protecting LGBTQIA+ folks, people of color, immigrants and refugees, folks with disabilities and/or preexisting conditions, religious minorities, and other marginalized groups) and some didn’t. Nourish yourself in any way you can, starting with this clip from the movie The Skeleton Twins, which is a good but kind of bummer movie (TW for attempted suicide), that features this incredible Bill Hader/Kristen Wiig lip-sync to “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”:

Today is a good day to talk about book romcoms! Book romcoms that both happen to take place on the Eastside of Los Angeles (which I probably wouldn’t have retained if I hadn’t read these books the same week, because when I read geographic information about a city I’m not familiar with I mostly just nod and then forget it instantly), so if I unexpectedly move to LA in the near future JUST KNOW that Hollywood didn’t make me do it, Jasmine Guillory, Amy Spalding, and Maurene Goo’s The Way You Make Me Feel (discussed here) made me do it.

The Summer of Jordi Perez (and the Best Burger in Los Angeles) – Amy SpaldingImage result for the summer of jordi perez

Okay so I DID like this book! A YA novel about a lesbian plus-sized fashion blogger who falls in love with her internship coworker while navigating old and new friendships and an unsupportive parent? Yes! Give it to me!

However, I did find it a bit light on plot and a bit scattershot on character development and dialogue. The characters were really charming and interesting, and they had some good conversations that were emotionally mature while also being realistic portrayals of teens. I just felt like the plot threads didn’t quite come together in as compelling a way as they could have. That being said, I did find it quite soothing before-bed reading, and I’m sure I’ll read more Amy Spalding in the future. A particularly well-done character arc was Abby’s (the main character) developing relationship with her body and the trickiness of feeling good about your body in general while also experiencing anxiety about the ways others will experience or comment on it.

The Proposal – Jasmine GuilloryImage result for the proposal jasmine guillory


Many of you have heard me gush, both in person and on here, about Guillory’s first book, The Wedding Date (go read it! right now!) and I pre-ordered her follow-up, this book, pretty much as soon as I finished the first.

The book starts with a public proposal gone very, very wrong, and we follow the heroine–Nikole–as she evades a camera crew with the help of superhero brother and sister Carlos and Angela Ibarra. Those of you who read Wedding Date may remember Carlos as the highly crush-able best friend of the first book’s male protagonist and TRUST ME you will be completely in love with him by a third of the way through this one. Nikole and Carlos begin a friendship, which turns into a ~friendship~, which turns into them falling in love while also addressing their individual emotional growth needs. Guillory writes smart, sexy books that also thoughtfully explore women’s anger and consent and you can bet that as soon as her third book is available for preorder I will be sharing that link ASAP.

Which reminds me to say again! If you think it’s likely that you’ll buy a particular book when it comes out, consider preordering! Preorders are really important because they tell a publisher that they should invest in the author and they tell booksellers to stock up. Plus, you’re usually not charged until the book is actually shipped, and if you get in early you may get a guaranteed lower price than what sellers decide on after they’ve assessed demand. Also, you can frequently order through an independent bookstore, which IndieBound can help with.

Alright, peace out! This weekend I’ll be taking myself to visit a friend and see a high school production of Mamma Mia! Please do me a favor and find a similarly rejuvenating pastime and take care of yourself!

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