<3 romance edition pt 2, 2 hot 2 steamy <3; 4.24.19

That’s right, we’re back! And better, hotter, and steamier than ever! You may remember that last time this came around I used a “flavor profile” in the descriptions, along with a rating, and as fun as that was I honestly did not trust my creativity to hold out for 11 more books, so this time I decided that along with the ~Equational description~ I would try to describe the aesthetic that a candle for this book might evoke. Some of them are specific to the book, some reveal how little I remember of the book since I read it (many months ago for some of them…oops.)


Image result for a princess in theory

A Princess in Theory – Alyssa Cole
Equational description: orphaned graduate student + smoldering royalty = concealed crown shenanigans
Candle profile: warm shawl, fresh pasta, a hot stone massage
(also discussed here)

Image result for seducing the heiress olivia drake

Seducing the Heiress – Olivia Drake
Equational description: smoldering LADY nobility + smoldering MANLY nobility = honestly-what-even-is-the-conflict-here shenanigans
Candle profile: offensively marketed incense, wet London streets, crisp parchment

Image result for that scandalous summer meredith duran

That Scandalous Summer – Meredith Duran
Equational description: partying widow nobility + nobility posing as a humble country doctor = house party shenanigans
Candle profile: simple country rose bushes, a nice June breeze, turpentine but make it sexy

Image result for the proposal jasmine guillory

The Proposal – Jasmine Guillory
Equational description: publicly humiliated writer + heroic-but-make-it-respectful-and-fun doctor = sexy cooking shenanigans
Candle profile: tacos that are just the right amount of spicy, a cupcake shop, the fluttery feeling of a crush
(also discussed here)

Image result for the kiss quotient by helen hoang

The Kiss Quotient – Helen Hoang
Equational description: inexperienced math whiz + male escort = learning about one’s body and self shenanigans!
Candle profile: freshly sharpened colored pencils, a really nice foamy face wash, the feeling of looking at a really orderly spreadsheet but make it sexy
(also discussed here)

Image result for his wicked reputation madeline hunter

His Wicked Reputation – Madeline Hunter
Equational description: spinster artist + smoldering nobility = art theft mystery shenanigans
Candle profile: a smooth canvas, a refreshing fountain, a well-tended herb garden but make it sexy
*This book was honestly pretty charming. Excluding the ones that I’ve included in other posts, I liked this one and A Scandalous Deal the most and would recommend them heartily.

Image result for secrets of seduction nicole jordan

Secrets of Seduction – Nicole Jordan
Equational description: fresh faced nobility + sad widower nobility = fire shenanigans
Candle profile: decaying manor but make it sexy, ~special times~ every 60 pages exactly, a stable probably

Image result for beautiful bastard christina lauren cover

Beautiful Bastard – Christina Lauren
Equational description: ambitious intern + new boss = workplace shenanigans they probably should have been fired for
Candle profile: a really douchey cologne, an overworked car airfreshener, a Starbucks croissant
*a note: as you may have gathered already, if you’re looking for a sweet, lowkey entry into the romance novel world…this is probably not the book for you. These dummies are going to poundtown in L I T E R A L L Y every chapter, and the premise is honestly pretty adult-film-y. I had an enjoyable time reading this book, and I know that this disclaimer in itself is going to intrigue as many people as it turns off, which is great! But if you’re looking for something a bit gentler [and more plot and character driven], I’d go for anything with a “also discussed here” tag or Christina Lauren’s own book Roomies (discussed here).

Image result for wicked seduction jade lee

Wicked Seduction – Jade Lee
Equational description: struggling ladies companion + escaped pirate/nobility = again, I really don’t remember why these two couldn’t just instantly be together?
Candle profile: a warm bath after a hard day of stacking ropes, really expensive tea, sea salt
*tw: the male lead in this character pretty clearly has PTSD from when he was abducted into pirate slavery and there are some depictions of triggered flashbacks and other symptoms

Image result for intercepted alexa martin

Intercepted – Alexa Martin
Equational description: recently broken up with former football girlfriend + quarterback = sportsball shenanigans
Candle profile: mountain air (whatever that is), the blood rush of a sportsball game you’re inexplicably invested in, vanilla latte
(will discuss this more next week)

Image result for a scandalous deal joanna shupe

A Scandalous Deal – Joanna Shupe
Equational description: lady architect + hotel owner = construction site shenanigans
Candle profile: champagne making out with brandy, sawdust but make it sexy, a “Votes for Women” sash
*see note on His Wicked Reputation

One more note before we go! ‘Tis the season to preorder!!

Okay tbh it’s ALWAYS the season to preorder, but several of these authors have books coming out soon that I would absolutely recommend and preordering is a fabulous way to support authors (especially if you do it from an independent bookstore!).

A Prince on Paper – Alyssa Cole, expected April 30

The Wedding Party – Jasmine Guillory, expected July 16

Royal Holiday – Jasmine Guillory, expected October 1

The Bride Test – Helen Hoang, expected May 7

Fumbled – Alexa Martin (this one actually came out just yesterday, but her next book Blitzed is also on the horizon and expected December 3!)

Happy steamy reading!

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